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Senior Guardian Project, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to filling the gap that exists for older adults in Linn County, Iowa.

We help seniors who need assistance in making important decisions that affect their safety and well-being.

SGP was created to act as a court-appointed guardian/conservator for older persons who are at risk. This could be the inability to meet their own needs or it could be exploitation by someone who has gained access to their resources. SGP will also provide help for family members wishing to act as a decision-maker for an older relative.

Linn County has some wonderful resources, but providing a substitute decision-maker for an at-risk older person has been a task for which, up until now, there has not been a community partner to rely on.

Establishing a guardian/conservatorship for an at-risk older person has a cost and past attempts to address this at the state level have not succeeded.

There has to be a funding source to support the effort. SGP is moving forward by relying on local support from individuals and community partners to make their tax-deductible donations to ensure a safety net for this vulnerable population.

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